My goal is to have a real connection with our Salem community. As a member of City Council, I will listen to our citizens, assess and research the issues and work with the residents of Salem to make not only the tough decisions but the right ones that will benefit current and future generations of our great community. Issues for our city will be ever changing. What should and will never change will be my integrity.


Salem is a fast growing community. I have come to appreciate the traditions & hometown feel our town has to offer for my family. I would like to preserve that. Growth is inevitable and if done correctly can have a beneficial impact on a community. As your community leader, I want to work side by side with the citizens of Salem to continue to keep our hometown values while supporting responsible growth that our future generations can benefit from.


Salem needs to have the proper infrastructure in place to support growth in our community. Working with planning committees and leaders, I want to work to ensure that Salem is prepared for this growth. Our natural resources and traffic are of great concern to our citizens and should not be put on a back burner while planning for growth. Salem should protect what they have but be properly prepared for the future.


Working with the voices of our community, our budget needs to used so that it benefits the Salem citizens in the best possible way. The city of Salem also needs to look for ways to bring in continual revenue to support its needs. Businesses are vital to our community.

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